Sunday, December 20, 2009

What should conservatives do now?

At this point in time we are all breathlessly watching the amazing spectacle of descent of the Anointed One from the Garden of Eden into the crap-hole of history. What should the American conservatives do to accelerate this fall and make sure that our country gets back on track?

Firstly, they must follow the Napoleon's maxim "Never interrupt your enemy when he is making a mistake." The Medical Care Bill is a major mistake, and Obama will come to regret it. The bill is already unpopular with nearly 60% of the population, and this is even before the republican operatives went through it with a fine net, found all the hidden new taxes, regulations and handouts to the politically connected and made them public. The next year will be very exciting...

The second goal is to follow Sun Tsu "If your opponent is of choleric temper, seek to irritate him." Obama conceded in his memoirs that he is constantly in a state of rage – and there are only a few things more dangerous for a politician than losing his temper. There will be nothing more satisfying that watching Obama angrily react to mockery and criticism, which in turn would lead to more mockery and criticism. Republicans should use every opportunity to irritate Obama – and this goes from political speeches to the most basic moves on the human level. Nothing will upset him more than such treatment – which is why it is necessary to use it in large portions.

By now, Obama the president got all the major legislations he desired (save for the official proclamation of his divine nature) – two worthless (but very expensive) stimulus packages, the health care bill, two bloated budgets, and a major surge in Afghanistan (American soldiers will be have both hands tied behind the backs to make the war more fair to the taliban) – and it was all for nothing. He refused to ask American people if they agreed with his radical agenda – and now he will start paying the price.

Most Americans are not satisfied with the job he is doing as president, and his incessant speechifying while the country is falling apart is turning them against him – permanently. As someone said – “Obama is a one trick pony” – and his only trick is his ability to read heart-felt speeches from the teleprompter. When those speeches stop to work, he is finished. Luckily, Obama cannot follow Napoleon’s maxim “One must change one's tactics every ten years if one wishes to maintain one's superiority.” He is all we have seen so far. There is nothing to him that he has not already shown to us in public - except the rage and hate, which he should start oozing in large quantities very soon.

What is even more important for republicans is to cleanse their party from RINOs – Republicans in Name Only. The GOP must become a conservative party, not the party of appeasement and compromise. The only way for republicans to present a unified front against the liberals and prevent the break up of the GOP through massive desertion of conservatives to a Third Party is to become the party of discontent. And the republican establishment should get it in their heads that their political future is very bleak if they do not move decisively to the right.

Lastly, the republicans must use all the available resources to defend two main pillars of democracy - freedom of the press and honesty of our electoral process. There can be no compromise on these two issues, and no step by Obama to mess with them should go without a thunderous response from republicans.

All in all, things are going quite well. I believe America is on the way to recovery. It will only take a few years now. But surely these will be very tumultuous years. Don't forget to purchase popcorn and beer. Stay tuned, America.


Bill said...

Good job Hyphen.

The next step is to begin preparing platform planks that cannot be undermined, like:

The war against terror is against individuals teaching their children to kill me and my family. They will be found and stopped.

OK, so its oversimplified, but it forms a base from which no retreat would ever be required.

Constitutional Compliance is another.


Anonymous said...

I am 75 years old and I hate to see this country going to hell. I believe All Congressmen are crooked and should be tossed out with out any benifits. They have already stole enough to last a lifetime.
Blame Education for this mess. Liberals have poisoned our youth for years now and too many feel Obama is right.
We have to un-do anything he does during his term. Then kick him and his phony wife out of the country. Her and her million dollar staff. Why doesn't anyone sy anything asbout that?
I am done....thanks

His Grace said...

You who have recently become all-holy should genuflect then kneel before the all powerful Obama.

Nothing but the Great Obama could have gotten our attention! Conservative do-nothings have gotten us into this farkin mess! Failure to preserve conservative values under the now disgraced George W. Bush has allowed these gangsters to take over America.

Under the Great Obama, the conservatives are finally finding their voice. Conservatives are finally beginning to realize that our very own party is infected.

It is taking a total take over of America by Chicago gangsters to begin to stir the do-nothing conservatives out of a long sleep that has nearly destroyed our very way of life!

Even without Nobama, the government has their tenacles into EVERYTHING!! Just try to think of ONE damned thing the government doesn't regulate...I DARE YOU!!

Anne Marquis said...

Hi, Hyphen. I just got your info off Townhall's comment section. Would you take a look at my conservative song blog and if you like it maybe post a link to your site

Anonymous said...

Good, very good, I like your plan. Not shure that I share your optimism that we will, with an enlightened effort to be able to repair the damage the liberals have caused in two years.
The decay is so sevear, the media so corrupt,the youth so twisted, and elections rigged (Acorn). I am not all that shure that we have the numbers to overcome.

Anonymous said...

If what we are seeing today is the implementation of a plan (yes, a conspiracy) begun long ago, and I do mean *long* ago, as in the early years of the 20th century, what chance do we have of arresting the movement forward of their plan for world government? We’ve accepted most of it already, haven’t we? Aren’t we pretending that the destruction of our country actually has occurred already? That is, hasn’t the struggle between collectivism and the inalienable rights of individual human beings already been lost by us?

I have little hope that the military will do what *we* consider right; there are many in the military who love the collectivist vision of humanity and would think nothing of killing us all.

Look, the education system for the last 100 or so years has molded the minds of generations of Americans into something that we all just witnessed in the last election. It wasn’t just the kids who went gaga over Obama; it was every age group — that’s how long they’ve been indoctrinating us.

I suppose you could accuse me of buying into a crackpot’s view of the universe, but it certainly seems rational to me to look at the world in terms of the struggle now going on before our very eyes.

The problem for us is that thinking about it in terms of individual particular instances is a symptom of not understanding the nature of the problem. They have succeeded in creating the robots they set out to create. What we are up against are robots who are programmed into the anti-life view of the world. They cannot respond to reason.

So what are we to do?

Anonymous said...

The bill's mandate may be a total fraud (much like Obama and nitwits who created it.) I found this over at Hot Air:

They also need to explain a portion of the bill found in section 5000 by Michael W at QandO, as well as at Daily Kos. On page 340, Section 5000A(g)(1) explains how the penalties shall be enforced for those who choose not to comply with the mandate to carry “minimum essential coverage.” In short — they won’t be enforced at all:

(2) SPECIAL RULES.—Notwithstanding any other provision of law—
‘‘(A) WAIVER OF CRIMINAL PENALTIES.— In the case of any failure by a taxpayer to timely pay any penalty imposed by this section, such taxpayer shall not be subject to any criminal prosecution or penalty with respect to such failure.
‘‘(B) LIMITATIONS ON LIENS AND LEVIES.—The Secretary shall not—
‘‘(i) file notice of lien with respect to any property of a taxpayer by reason of any failure to pay the penalty imposed by this section, or
‘‘(ii) levy on any such property with respect to such failure.

In other words, this is a voluntary mandate — at least for now. The IRS can fine you for flouting the minimum-coverage mandate, but if you refuse to pay, they can’t do anything about it. They can’t fine you, prosecute you, or even put a lien against your earnings or property. They apparently can still send you angry letters, but they’ll have the same impact as deadlines on the Iranian nuclear-weapons program.

Of course, it may not always remain a voluntary mandate. What Congress passes today can be modified tomorrow (or perhaps not, considering Reid’s attempt to impose an out-of-order-in-perpetuity sign on the bill). They can later amend this section to remove this language, unleashing the IRS on the public. In its present form, however, it doesn’t actually mandate anything, which means that the insurance companies will not get the flood of young, healthy people into its risk pool to subsidize everyone else’s premiums, and that will mean skyrocketing insurance costs thanks to the new must-insure mandates which decidedly do exist in this bill.

A "voluntary mandate"? Is that like an "Obama tax cut"?

Anonymous said...

Excellent analysis. Even though some have said that it is too optimistic, there are reasons to have hope, based on American history. Yes, times are bad, and the liberal attempt to takeover America is of great concern, but we have faced worse circumstances before and recovered.

Contrary to one of the commenters here, as a member of the military, I can assure you that there is very little backing for what is happening in America today, and the higher you go in the command structure, the lower the support.