Monday, December 7, 2009

A few points on civilian trial of KSM

There are plenty of reasons why using civilian court for KSM is a very bad decision - and is an illogical one. Lets go one by one.

1. Obama publicly prosecuted, convicted and sentenced KSM. If the court agrees with Obama - then it would be difficult to prove to anyone outside US that the trial was fair, that Obama had no influence on the jury or the judges. In short, the usual suspects will simply proclaim this was a kangaroo court - and there is nothing Obama can say to change this impression. In short, the entire rational for the civilian court is lost already.

2. Obama and his lackeys explained that one of the reasons KSM is being brought to a civilian court is because they have enough evidence on him to convict him. In other words, the administration publicly proclaimed that military tribunals are kangaroo courts, and that they will be used to convict possibly innocent people. In short, the usual suspects will assertain that Obama is using military tribunals to kill innocent moslems. And sure enough - Obama agrees with them - military tribunals are not fair.

3. Lastly, if KSM has same rights and priviliges as any American accused of criminal behaviour - then it is clear that the current policy of targeted assasinations practiced by the US military is illegal. I would want to see a single liberal trying to square their claims about KSM's Constitutional rights versus their support for assasinations of Al Qaeda leaders. After all, does the US Constitution allow the police or the military to assasinate common criminals?

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