Saturday, December 26, 2009

Smart foreign policy...

Back in 2008, it was enough for Bush to whistle, and the leaders from all major countries jumped into the planes and flew to Washington DC to meet with him.

In 2009, Barack Obama begs the governments of China, India, Brazil to see him – and they refuse.

I guess Texas cowboys are better at diplomacy than community organizers. Who could have known this? Absolutely amazing. Hope and Change, Ladies and Gentlmen.


Anonymous said...

I have a question for you only because you may have an answer.

I have always been intrigued by Ayn Rand's thinking though her writing is not as good as some of her ideas (John Galt's monologue for example);
nevertheless, how does a Libertarian state protect itself from those with ill intent? And I mean on the individual- as well as state-level, why would anyone volunteer to sacrifice his own rights to sovereignty over self in order that others may continue to benefit?

Every cop and soldier may be asked to die in order that others may live; therefore, in a Libertarian state, what's the incentive to give one's self for others? What happens to the soldier who's wounded while serving?

Thnx. Appreciate your thoughts.


Hyphenated American said...

Dear VeritasAmore,

First of all, thanks for responding to my posts. Indeed, your questions are very good. I don't think that Ayn Rand was able to create a philosophy that answers all questions. Moreover, I agree that her books were more ideological pamthlets than works of art.
Here is a passage from her speech to the graduates of West Point, which may explain some of her views about the use of military.