Sunday, December 13, 2009

How to quickly collect raw temperature data...

I am sure everyone but the legacy media is now familiar with the so-called "Climate-Gate" - a clear record of government financed scientists, who were sexing up the climate data in order to create an impression of climate catastrophy. At this point, I don't trust any data coming from the official sources, and I propose a simple and effective method to bypass the government agencies altogether. Here it goes.

It is necessary to collect the newspapers in most or all Western countries for the last 100 years, and carefully record all the reported local temperatures. While the government agencies can falsify or make inaccessible the raw data, I believe the newspapers will most likely report the correct information. I am sure there will be some effects due to urban heating, but these should have less impact on the later data. It is also plausible, that some newspapers will be reporting the air temperature outside of the urban zones.

All in all, it's an interesting experiment, and I am sure there should be enough enthusiasts with time on their hands to do this.

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