Monday, July 19, 2010

I think we are finally getting to them

As one of the wackiest politicians of the 20th century, Mahatma Gandhi said - “First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.” It appears that the American left are now down to the very last weapon left in their arsenal - racism. It seems like stage 3 is slowly but steadily coming to the end.

The whole last week was the celebration of liberals gone wild
Louis Farrakhan discovers that Obama is not the Messiah and blames Jews for all the problems in the Black community (Hyphenated-American responds with a well-deserved one-fingered salute to Louis). Way to go Louis - nice distraction from the failures of your protege.

It's been widely reported that Obama's department of justice dropped the case against the ultra-racist "New Black Panther" movement partly due to the lobbying efforts of the NAACP. In response, NAACP (the race hustling group masquerading as a civil rights organization) publicly called the patriotic Tea Party to stop being racist. Isn't it special?

Bill Press, a liberal operative reacted to the news of public dissatisfaction to Obama's mishandling of the US economy with a usual liberal modesty - he told American people to grow up and stop whining about deficits, debt, unemployment and two wars. After all, we got the top guy in charge of the country, and once he gets back from vacation and beats his addiction to playing golf - he will solve all of our issues. We need to be patient though - the top guy may take some time. After all, it took him years to quit smoking and snorting cocaine - and golf is much more addictive than either of the two.

And then we get the dog-bites-man stories.

Soros funded "Free Press" (what an Orwellian name) is asking Obama to take government control over media - particularly the talk-radio. This story is probably less unexpected than "dog-bites-man" - which is why the mainstream media is ignoring it.

Police in Oakland, California (8th largest city in California) declared that it will not be investigating any non-violent crimes. The police still wants the citizens to report all crimes - it's just there will be no follow up and no attempt made to capture the criminals. The most ironic things are reveled when the careful observer studies the details.

Wikipedia reports that:
"In 2009, Oakland's city council passed a resolution to create municipally-issued "Oakland identification cards" to help residents get easier access to city and business services, improve their civic participation and encourage them to report crimes to police. City officials are considering eventual multipurpose ID cards that would serve as debit cards, bus passes, library cards, and discount cards for Oakland businesses. In 2010, Oakland's city council resolved to divert new municipal economic investment from firms headquartered in Arizona in the wake of that state's attempt to regulate illegal immigration."
It comes as no surprise that Oakland is a sanctuary city for illegal immigrants. It also does not help that the top two contenders for the mayorship of Oakland are from the competing "protected minorities" - Latinos (AFL-CIO activist De La Fuente) and Blacks (professional politician Ron Dellums). It surely does NOT help that both of the top candidates are rabid liberals, as well as Oakland's representative Barbara Lee. All in all, Oakland is a typical all-liberal American city - a city burdened by the left-wing rule, political corruption and unusually high crime rate. And now this city refuses to prosecute non-violent crime - which is undoubtedly a boost to the local multi-cultural diverse community.

Obama vacations in Maine
This part of the article is probably least informative - every detail is well known in advance by anyone with half of the brain functioning. Obama tells the world that he will not rest until he fixes the oil spill (and gets jobs back, gives all rights to homosexuals, wins in Afghanistan, lowers the sea-levels, and kills Osama ben Laden with his bare hands) - and then he leaves on yet another vacation. I can only guess that playing golf was too burdensome for him. In short - our dear president is slacking in the morning, slacking in the afternoon, does some more slacking in the evening - and then he is exhausted and he goes on vacation to Maine. And mind you, Maine is a strange destination for the Obama family, given that She-Obama told the entire country that everyone should go and vacation in the Gulf.
The old "let them eat cake" is no longer operational because cake may cause obesity - and She-Obama is battling childhood obesity since 2009.


Opus #6 said...

Soros needs to buy himself a private island somewhere with no internet or phones. Then he wouldn't need to be bothered by our activities.

Really. He needs to stop destroying economies/countries to make a buck. Can't someone put this guy in prison?

Anonymous said...

I take great solos in knowing that Soros will get his, it may not be in this life, but he will be dealt justice.

Opus, Can we put Louis on that Island with him. Wait... Bad ,they would probably turn it into a reality show.