Thursday, July 15, 2010

History repeats itself

As Karl Marx said – “History repeats itself, first as tragedy, second as farce.” A few days ago, Bill Press, a Democratic operative had this to say about the apparent dissatisfaction of American people with Barack Obama:
I think this says more about the American people than it does about President Obama. I think it just shows once again that the American people are spoiled. Basically, spoiled-- as a people, we are too critical. We are quick to rush to judgment, we are too negative, we are too impatient. Especially impatient. We want it all solved yesterday, and if you don't, I don't care who you are -- get out of the way. 
And again, basically spoiled. To the point where it makes me wonder if it's even possible to govern today. I gotta tell you, I don't think Abraham Lincoln -- who certainly didn't get everything right the first time -- could govern today. I'm not sure Franklin Roosevelt could govern today, the way we are again. Just about like spoiled children. And it's Americans, and it's the media, and if we don't get instant gratification, then screw you is basically our attitude.

This angry outburst reminded me of a similar reaction by the communists who ran GDR (for those with short memory, German Democratic Republic was Eastern Germany ruled by the socialist thugs from 1945 till 1990). Back in 1953, workers in Eastern Germany rose up against communist oppression. Initially, it was a protest against the wage cuts, but it soon grew into worker's revolt. On June 17, the protests occurred throughout the entire country, involving more than a million people striking in some 700 cities and towns. The government of GDR turned to their master in the USSR, and the Soviet occupation forces put down the revolt, killing 50 people and jailing more than 10,000. When the German communist government regained its composure, it appealed to the German population and demanded that East Germans understood the wrongness of their ways and stopped being so difficult. Famous German play writer Bertolt Brecht reacted to the communist call with a rather snappy remark:
After the uprising on June 17th The Secretary of the Writers Union Had flyers distributed in Stalin Way that said That the People had frivolously Thrown away the Government's Confidence And that they could only regain it Through Redoubled Work. But wouldn't it be Simpler if the Government Simply dissolved the People And elected another?

Bill Press' diatribe calls for the similar reaction - in lieu of American dissatisfaction with liberal policies, shouldn't Barack Obama simply dissolve American people and elect himself better and more reliable electorate?


Anonymous said...

Very well said! If he could, he would.

Christopher said...

You hit it on the head!

The funny (if that word is appropriate) part is, is that includes Bill Press and others like him as well in the elimination.

Opus #6 said...

Press is right. Americans ARE ungovernable--by Marxists and Socialists.