Wednesday, June 2, 2010

I am trying to dissern a pattern - can you help?

Pakistan bans Facebook because it allows mockery of Islam
According to Al Jazeera, a Pakistani court has issued a ban on the social networking site Facebook after a user-generated contest page encouraged members to post caricatures of Prophet Mohammed.
The Lahore High Court on Wednesday instructed the Pakistani Telecommunications Authority (PTA) to ban the site after the Islamic Lawyers Movement complained that a page called “Draw Mohammed Day” is blasphemous.

State Department confirms that it supports Pakistan's laws against blasphemy. They call it "offensive speech" - so it's okay. According to the suit from the Foggy Bottom,
Pakistan is wrestling to this issue. We respect any actions that need to be taken under Pakistani law to protect their citizens from offensive speech.
Many of the images that appear on Facebook were deeply offensive to Muslims and non-Muslims alike. We are deeply concerned about any deliberate attempt to offend Muslims or members of any other religious groups.

We do not condone offensive speech that can incite violence or hatred.

Facebook bans sites that participate in "Draw Mohammed Day". Finally, after pressure from Pakistan and US, Facebook decided to ban any sites that mock Islam. This is a great victory for freedom of speech - ahm, for freedom of non-offensive, politically correct, liberal approved, Islamo-respectful speech.

US government prohibits ads helping people who left Islam - but approves atheistic ads. "Piss Christ" is still free speech and requires government funding. According to WND,
A lawsuit against Detroit's transit agency alleges officials sold space for ads promoting atheism but censored a message offering help for those wanting to leave Islam.

The Thomas More Law Center filed suit yesterday against the Suburban Mobility Authority for Regional Transportation, or SMART, and several of its executives.

Thomas More's clients, the Freedom Defense Initiative and founders Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer, had sought to purchase ad space for their message, "Fatwa on your head? Is your family or community threatening you? Leaving Islam? Got questions? Get answers!"

Afghan government suspended two Christian groups accused of proselyting. Google news dryly reports that "Proselytizing is illegal in Afghanistan, as it is in many Muslim countries. It is a hot-button issue for many Afghans sensitive to the influence of the scores of foreign aid groups operating in the country to help it recover from decades of war." The Christian groups in question were feeding hundreds of thousands of starving people - but laws of Islam and religious purity take precedence over the lives of people in the country of "religion of peace". There was no public protest or UN outcry. I am baffled.


Gorges Smythe said...

Someone said recently in their blog (paraphrased) that "Islam isn't really a religion, it's a form of government." That explains why logic and true morals have no connection to it. The "religious" aspect of it is merely used as an excuse and a means to enforce its implementation.

Anonymous said...

I can understand the "no proselytizing" in Afghanistan, but our state department not standing up for free speech is abhorrent.

Western Civilization hangs in the balance and most are too stupid to realize it.

Anonymous said...

It's the same war we have been fighting world wide since 1914. The war on the Judeo-Christian world.