Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Hyphenated-American: two more appearances on the Jimmy Z show

Jimmy Z was kind enough to post two more of my appearances on his show. One was posted on June 14th, and the other one on June 23rd. Both appearances are not perfect - I am clearly still learning the radio format, but there is little doubt that I am getting better and better. On June 14th I give my views on Obama's attempt to take over the media, and finish up proposing a list of Obama's misdeeds that GOP should held hearing in 2011 - assuming they win the House. On June 23rd, I channel internal Hayek and Sowell to explain the reasons behind Obama's apparent mishandling of the BP oil disaster. Needless to say that I ended up quoting South Park, Lenin and Karl Marx to prove my point, while relying heavily on the analysis provided by Hayek and Sowell.

And now for something completely different. As Monty Python would say - a liberal with three buttocks. Not too long ago, the liberals proclaimed "Dissent is the highest form of patriotism" - which they mistakenly attributed to Jefferson. But today, it's quite often to hear that dissent is indeed the lowest form of racism. But the liberals have not stopped at that. The mighty slogan of the recent past was "Question authority" and the highest praise for an individual was to call him a "non-conformist". The worst accusation was to call someone a "sell-out" or a "corporate whore". But today, the left are quite upset if someone were to question the authority of the Supreme Leader, Barack Hussein Obama. Just recently, an MSNBC talking head ass was positively upset about any hint of non-conformity. Here is how she reacted to Gen.McChrystal's private comments about comrade Obama and his gang of incompetents:

BREWER: It's about the sort of disdain for authority. And that worries me...
But is his view not only about the President but about Joe Biden, about Jim Jones, the National Security advisor, about Karl Eikenberry [US ambassador to Afghanistan], on and on down the list: Richard Holbrooke --

As the reader can notices - Brewer is worried about a federal employee being critical of Obama. It gets better...

BREWER: There are hundreds of thousands of enlisted men and women in the military who are taught not to question authority; they don't go outside their chain of command. what kind of message does this send to people at the lower levels in the military?

According to Brewer, it is very troubling when American soldiers start questioning the government authority. After all, when a street bum, a community organizer, a university professor or a high-school student questions authority - she is applauding their civil courage. But a man who shed blood defending his country has a negative opinion about the government buerucrat - that's apparently is unpatriotic and treasonous. Just a weeks ago, a liberal journalist called American patriots who disagree with Obama's agenda - "seditious".

Now, in all fairness, liberals in general and Brewer in particular were far more supportive of generals and CIA agents who criticized president Bush - it never occurred to them that questioning authority could be construed as dangerous. But today Brewer and her ilk are running the country - and they don't take too kindly to people who question their authority. It may be because of their inherent authoritarian tendencies and vicious hatred of anyone who refuses to blindly obey them.

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