Monday, June 28, 2010

Hyphenated-American on the Jimmy Z show

Jimmy Z has posted yet another interview with Hyphenated-American. This one you should definitely listen to if you want to learn about Marxism. I believe this is by far my best appearance on the Jimmy Z show. During the interview, I gave a brief introduction to Marxism and presented the essential details of the so-called theory of surplus value - the foundation of Marxist political economy. Based on this analysis, I demonstrated why Obama was a Marxist - or if I were to use the Russian terms for the likes of Obama - why he was a spontaneous or vulgar Marxist (these terms had been used by the classics of Marxism - namely Lenin, Stalin and Mao - to describe the social-democrats, the natural allies of the communist movement).

In short - this interview is useful to anyone who is seriously interested in Marxism and Obama-ism. In about 20 minutes you will learn how to turn a flaming liberal into a raging lunatic with a mere 2 or 3 pointed questions.


AngieComics said...

Enjoyed you on the JZ show as usual. Wanted to add to your perspective on Marxism that in a free market, everyone becomes wealthy. The factory workers get money for their labor and the factory owner get's the product of labor itself.

Only when specific political policy is enforced do exchanges become unbalanced and "wealth" distribution becomes one sided.

Some think wealth is not created or destroyed, only transferred. That's true with science and energy, not economics.

That's part of the incorrect assumptions Marxism makes!

Anonymous said...

Great interview, Alex. Keep up the good work.