Sunday, June 13, 2010

Another appearance of Hyphenated-American on the Jimmy Z show

Jimmy Z show is now featuring Hyphenated-American on a semi-regular basis. On June 7, Jimmy has put on his site the recording of our conversation (sorry for the late announcement). The Jimmy Z show is here (I suggest you check it out, there is plenty of interesting stuff), and the recording of my portion can be downloaded here. My insane ramblings are introduced on the 4th minute of the show, and after few words by Jim, I launch into lengthy discussion of Israel, Hamas and the flotilla of  peace-loving jihadists. I also express my deep admiration for honesty and integrity of Helen Thomas - the Mainstream Media Antisemite in Chief. Finally, someone broke the glass ceiling and injected a good dose of anti-semitism into the White House Press Corpse (I am using Obama's spelling). I have no doubt that listeners will enjoy the Jimmy Z show, and I hope some will not be bored with the portion devoted to Yours Truly.

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Jimmy said...

Great discussion Alex. Highly enjoyable radio. Might split the discussion into two parts next time for monday and tuesday, but that's just thinking out loud. Much appreciated!