Saturday, May 2, 2009

It is a common misconception....

It is a common misconception by the right-wingers that Obama is a weak leader, who does not understand the world and who wears rosy glasses when looking at American enemies. I personally think that it's very unlikely that a Chicago thug could be so naive. Do you think that Obama could have risen through the ranks of the most corrupt political machine in the nation if he were a naive child? No way, completely impossible!

Which brings me to the second point. If Obama is not naive, and he knows that his policies undermine American security, then it is very likely that he is doing this ON PURPOSE! He wants US to be attacked, because he knows a big war is the only thing that could save his presidency and win him a second term. It all makes sense, if you think about.

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tanstaafl said...

The only operative question for the duration (of this presidency/campaign) has been the extent of design versus the extent of simple incompetence.