Friday, April 10, 2009

How to stop the pirates...

It's fairly easy. Put secretly a few dozen marines armed with machine guns, rocket launches and the like on each civil ship that passes by Somalia. If the ship is stopped by pirates - the marines should fire at will to sink the pirate ships. Any pirate who is caught is publicly hanged - as the marine law prescribes.

It's pretty simple, really. But I doubt it will be implemented. It's much more fun to send president Obama with a voyage to Africa, so he could personally apologize to all Africans for American sins. After all, this is how you stop piracy - by apologizing to everyone.

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Chuck Pelto said...

TO: Hyphenated American
RE: [OT] Query

I've been posting over ABC News regarding the Napolitano 'Apology'.

I notice that a number of my comments have been 'modified' or even deleted.

I'd appreciate your help in trying to determine just how far 'overboard' ABC News has become.

Are you willing to assist?

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