Saturday, May 16, 2009

The month of the long knifes

As you may know, the speaker of the House is being slowly cut into tiny pieces by the newest revelations of her complicity in the so-called "torture" of the moslem terrorists Islamic militants. It was revealed that Nancy Pelosi, a staunch opponent of waterboarding was lying when she said that she had not been informed about the waterboarding in 2002. In fact, she knew all along that CIA was using "enhanced interrogation techniques" back then, and she did not even squawk. Of course, as Nancy's assistant correctly said - 2002 was a time when everyone was afraid of a terrorist attack man-made disaster, and both the public and the government of all levels and from all parties were very supportive of practically any measures that would keep America safe.

So, what the hell is happening now, and who is benefiting from this? I must say, that contrary to the mainstream view, the biggest winner in Obama himself. Lets not forget that right now, US is ruled essentially by one party. And it is an easy guess that Obama will try to keep it this way by silencing all independent media, taking control of the liberal media (watch the bailout of the NYT as a start), massive pay-to-play schemes and, the final step - putting ACORN in charge of voter registration as well as the counting of ballots. This program is quite on the march now. So, what Obama is trying to do is to solidify his control over the Democratic party. And what is a better way than to weaken the top Democrat in the House of Representatives? Today, Nancy's political career is in the hands of Barack Hussein Obama. By a move of his pinky he can make her lose her power. Essentially, she can continue being the Speaker only if Obama allows it. Her political life is dependent on his benevolence. One wrong move on her part - and she is gone. This is the power that any dictator needs, and Obama surely knows this.

So, boys and girls, don't celebrate the infamy of the madam Speaker - it may be only a small part of the big plan. Now, Obama controls the House, it belongs to him. This is why I strongly doubt Nancy is losing her position any time soon - she is Obama's bitch now. And Obama takes care of his bitches.

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