Sunday, May 31, 2009

Can a latina woman understand the US Constitution?

Recently it came to the attention of the US public, that Obama's nominee to the Supreme Court, Red Sonia, said that she was a better judge than any white male because she was a "latina woman". It was something about her experience, upbringing, culture and last but not least her physiology. Lets pretend that Red Sonia is correct, and indeed all that has a profound effect on her decisions as a judge. Should we not then question whether she is inherently qualified to correctly understand the laws and regulations written by the rich white males? I mean, she does not have the experience, upbringing, culture and the physiology of the rich white males - how in the hell do you expect her to understand the US Constitution?!

That's quite a conundrum, isn't it? Once you abandon the idea of a blind justice, justice which is metered independently of the skin color, experience, upbringing and physiology, the justice which strives to be just - you get very peculiar results. Can a typical liberal understand this? Very unlikely.

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