Saturday, January 31, 2009

I will try to jinx the Messiah

Since the 2008 presidential elections, the liberals were using a peculiar tactic to silence any opposition and criticism of Obama presidency. A response to any negative comment about their leader was met with a surprising claim that conservatives were not giving Obama a chance to lead this country. It sounded as if mere criticism of the Anointed One would result in his failure. In short, the liberals claimed that conservatives were jinxing the Messiah. I don’t believe in superstitions, but I still hope we can stop Obama, because I now believe he is far more dangerous to the republic that I initially expected.

After Obama’s lead over McCain became evident, I found consolation in the idea that Obama may well a better candidate, since his inevitable failure to improve the state of the economy would result in a massive shift of electorate to the progressive right-wing conservatives. I had little hope in McCain’s desire and ability to do the right thing, so it was not a choice between a good and a bad policy, but rather on which party should take the blame for the next 4 years. Still, I had an instinctive feeling that Obama economic failures won’t necessarily lead to DNC failure. It sure looks this way now. The main reasons are simple – Obama will use the federal power and money to fundamentally undermine if not completely abolish American democratic system. Here are the steps that I anticipate Obama to take in the next 4 years.

1. Pay or perish

From now on, most of large companies would strongly depend on the benevolence of Obama’s regime. A company which does not contribute to Obama’s political machine won’t get the handouts; it will face continuously increasing costs of numerous arbitrary regulations. The old communist slogan – if you don’t serve the regime, you are no longer allowed to exist will be applied nation-wide.

2. Tight media control

It is widely reported that today’s media is fighting for its survival. Every day brings the news of a media outlet cutting its workforce or going into bankruptcy. I expect Obama regime to use a two-fold approach to this issue. Firstly, Obama will use the government means to prop up friendly media conglomerates. It’s difficult to imagine for example, that Obama would allow his top political ally, the ultra-liberal New Your Times to go under. It is also clear, that any bailout would be given only if the NYT owners guarantee that the newspaper will blindly support the regime. One can also expect increases in government funding to reliably liberal outlets like NPR and PBS, which too will be required to cleanse their personnel of any and all remains of a right-wing opposition.
The second prong of the regime attack on the free press would include new regulations, which will be arbitrary used against the remaining opposition to Obama’s regime. This will surely include some remnants of the “Fairness Doctrine” as well as general attempts to withhold or prevent from obtaining the broadcasting licenses. Expect the radio stations, which broadcast Rush Limbaugh to see numerous “issues” with the local, state and federal government. Also, as part of this strategy, it’s obvious to expect some new regulations or rulings punishing “hate speech”, “slander”, “misinformation”, “false advertising” and the like.
The third prong will include attacks on the corporate advertisers, who are stupid enough to use the media outlets critical of Obama. This approach will make it much more expensive for a company to buy air-time on a station, which broadcasts Rush Limbaugh. For example, a new ad on his program will bring not only new customers, but also a myriad of federal, state and local officials, from IRS to EPA as well as local licensing administrators and government funded activist groups. Don’t be surprised when a small restaurant, which places an ad in an independent media outlet gets a visit from a fire inspector, who will find numerous code violations.
It is quite conceivable, that pro-American media personalities like Hannity, Limbaugh, Larson and others may well lose their jobs or have their influence greatly diminished through the above mentioned means.

3. Violence, voter fraud and intimidation will be subsidized

It is also easy to predict that numerous fascist groups like Obama’s alma mater “ACORN” will receive massive financial support and legal impunity. Those groups will no doubt increase their “participation” in American politics. It is well-known that ACORN was not shy in using physical violence and intimidation against progressive businesses, which refused to support their agenda. We can expect much more “direct action” of ACORN and its political twins against “offending” businesses, media outlets and the like. It’s also obvious that those groups will be co-opted into the electoral process - their leaders will get high positions in election commissions, voter registration, voter status checking and the like.
We should not forget one of the most important interest groups in the US – the labor unions. On one side, I expect unions to get a much easier access to the US workers through abandonment of secret ballot voting. Moreover, union violence against non-unionized workers and belligerent companies will be tolerated by the legal system and the federal law enforcement agencies. This too will come at a price, since Obama will hold the keys to union economic well-being. If a union strays away from supporting the One, the regime will tacitly invite the employees to renegotiate the union contracts, while the regime bureaucracy will use its government powers to force the unions to agree with new conditions. Moreover, the previously allowed tactic of worker intimidation may immediately call for a high-level FBI investigation. In short, a union thug who supports Obama will be allowed to prosper. A union thug that suddenly finds Obama’s policies disagreeable will also find himself in jail. All in all, disagreement with Obama will become extremely costly to the unions and its bosses.

4. Use the federal government to investigate the opponents

It is also easy to predict that IRS, FBI, CIA, INS and numerous other federal and state agencies will used to investigate and harass the people and groups, which dare to disagree with Obama. It’s obvious that major right-wing think-tanks like Heritage Foundation, Cato Institute as well as media personalities can expect unending harassment from IRS, immediate leaks of any damaging information, etc., etc.

5. Illegal immigrants have a right to vote!

I also expect a major acceleration in the federal process of legalizing the illegal immigrants, giving them a citizen status and a right to vote. Imagine a havoc that will ensure if 20 million illegal aliens were given a right to vote in the federal and state elections. This tsunami will likely swing to the side of the DNC in general and Obama in particular. Moreover, expect a quick liberalization of the immigration policy in general – particularly for uneducated masses from the Third World.

Will the Republic survive the rule of an unprincipled neo-Marxist Chicago-school Messiah? I am not very optimistic.

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Anonymous said...

There's no such thing as a "progressive right wing conservative," in fact that's an oxymoron. And there is no INS, immigration now falls under the USCIS, border enforcement under ICE. Also, I'm curious, do you have any facts to support theories 1-5? I didn't see anything resembling factual support for these positions.