Saturday, January 31, 2009

A game we all can play - name that political leader

A new politician is rushed on the scene. He is young, good looking, physically fit, intelligent, speaks in complete sentences – in a radical departure from the old, tired, inefficient leader. The media is taken aback by this new persona, and most TV channels are solidly behind him. His opponents are maligned and ignored by the media. The new leader promotes a new tone, a radical departure from the worn out policies of the past. The country begs for a new leader – the country is in the midst of the economic crisis and an unpopular war. The government is corrupt and the country’s reputation is at its lowest in long time. A new man will turn things around! Even though conservatives have serious doubts about him, it is said by the right-wing leaders that this new man is a good person, who deeply cares about his country and who believes in freedom. There are of course some troubling signs – the new leader has nefarious contacts in the past with fascist, anti-Western groups, but it is believed that it was a mere shrewd political move on his part. His political life started in one of the most corrupt and criminal city in the nation, but that too is considered too controversial topic to discuss. Lastly, he betrays a peculiar irritation with minor negative comments about his appearance, but this is neglected. He wins the elections triumphantly, and soon his portraits start appearing in small private stores and large supermarkets.
Name that man...

Let me give you a hint. His name is Владимир Владимирович Путин.

What, you thought of someone else? SURPRISE!

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