Sunday, January 4, 2009

American Liberals - pathetic creatures...

It's interesting that American government is probably among the least competent in the entire civilized world. Just look at American K1-K12 education - US spends more per student than any other nation, yet American students are worst educated in the entire civilized world. And yes, don't forget, ultra-liberal teacher unions are running the schools. American cities and now states are going bankrupt - all run to the ground by liberal congresses, governors and mayors. The state of California, the jewel of American industrial power - has the highest tax rates in the nation - and it will go down in March. Amazing.

In a few weeks, Obama will be sworn in, and the most liberal Congress will be in session. What can we expect from them - unless Americans wake up in 2012 and throw these bums out? Well, it's quite simple - US will have Canadian tax rates and Mexican government services.

As I said, American liberals are pathetic creatures.

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Anonymous said...

You are correct, sir. We, as a nation are in for some turbulent times. Things have not been perfect under Bush, but for leftists to make the claims that each and every single decision and move he and his administration has made to be disastrous, and utterly wrong, only to have their messiah Obama and the leftist democrat congress rush into power like an overwhelming torrent of benevolence is surely going to show Bush's policies to have been closer to correct than anyone in the news media or the blogosphere has ever known. Left/democrat America are collectively one big useful idiot. When the democrat congress and Obama sink us, we on the right will all be singing 'a funeral dirge for eyes gone blind.'