Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Worrisome prediction...

What to expect from the newest revelations about Obambi’s ties with a radical black supremacy church? Should we assume that the 2008 presidential elections are in the bag for the GOP? I don’t think so. The one thing that goes for America and the GOP is that while Obambi is mortally wounded, he is far ahead in the popular vote and in the number of delegates. Only super-delegates, the democrat party bosses can now stop him. Will they do so? There is one troubling scenario, which goes as follows. Hillary strongly wins the rest of elections, party bosses turn against Obambi, and Hillary persuades him to be his VP candidate. In this case, either Hillary becomes a much stronger candidate, with a popular support from the DNC base, or Obambi waits 4 years, and enters the elections a much stronger candidate. Moreover, the elections 4 years from now will be wide open – since McLame is 300 years old, it’s unlikely he can go for a second term. Is this a realistic scenario? We will see. So far, all the predictions went to dust at every stage.

Here is my prediction – and I consider it to be right on the money. Here is the deal. Dick Morris, former Clinton advisor is known for his political acumen. Interestingly enough, my wife noticed one quite peculiar thing about him – usually most of his predictions turn out wrong. Just a few days ago he wrote an article, which told Hillary that her chances to win the nomination were nil. That was, I repeat, a few days ago. Does anyone think now that her candidacy is dead? By no means, of course. So, according to Dick Morris’ law discovered by my wife – Hillary is almost certain to win the nomination of the Democrat Party. You heard it here first, don’t forget about it.

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