Thursday, March 20, 2008

Obama-mania, just as the doctor predicted

I don’t know about you, but it is fun to watch the unraveling Obama-drama. What was known to only the most attentive observers became painfully obvious to all. Obama ain’t no racial healer – but rather a slick snake oil salesman. He is very, very slick, I grant you that, but poor Obama had to square the circle – and this is burdensome for even the smartest of the smart.

As you have heard, it was recently discovered by the astonished crowds that a presidential candidate with an untreatable messianic complex was and is an active member of a radical anti-American bigoted cult, which goes by the name of “Trinity United Church”. If I have to guess, the word “Trinity” refers to the group's anti-Semitism, anti-Americanism and demand for the government handouts. At least, they did not say it was a Holy Trinity. So now, the over-exposed Messiah is trying to reconcile his public image of a moderate high principled figure and the obvious truth. How exactly is he supposed to do so? Personally, I don’t exactly see any way for him to bamboozle the American electorate – because the issue is too clear-cut. For people who don’t get this simple truth I can only say that it’s amazing they can breath on their own, let alone why they are allowed to decide who will be the next president of the United States of America. This article is written for the rest of the public – and more specifically, the right-wing progressives who never had any illusions about Obambi.

I will start by stating the obvious – for 20 years Obama was an active member of an extremist group. Throughout the years he became very close with the pastor of the church - the very same guy who was screaming at the top of his lungs – “God Damn America”. I don’t know if the pastor was high on drugs or he was suffering from an acute case of indigestion – but his parishioners seemed to agree with his message. Moreover, Obama used this pastor as his political, spiritual, and no doubt sexual advisor. I suppose it is also necessary to add that Obama was not 5 years old when he joined this cult – he was a graduate of the Harvard Law School, a former editor of prestigious Harvard Law Review. In other words, he was a highly educated successful adult. Clearly, he made his decision willingly, and consciously. He knew exactly what he was doing, and he knew the guys he was befriending. There are two possible explanations for this – either he joined and stayed in the cult because he believed in all the garbage that was spewed there, or he did it to advance his political career. Either of these explanations makes him unelectable. Why did he join this church and continued attending it for 20 years? When did he find out that his soul mate and advisor for 20 years was an anti-American fascist? When did he find out that his pastor was a supporter of the infamous terrorist and bloody dictator of Libya Muamar Kaddafi? When did he find out the church that he attended for 20 years proclaims that blacks should not join the middle class? When did he find out that his buddy considered Israel to be a terror nation? What could be a good answer to these questions? The guy is either a complete imbecile, or a liar.

Recently, Obama decided to deal with the issue head on. Long gone were the “I never heard him say any nasty things” denials. They did not ring true to anyone who had an IQ higher than the room temperature. So, the Messiah decided to talk to the nation, explain his position, clear up the air. Amazingly, Obama chose an interesting way of explaining his associations with the unseemly character – he lectured the American people on the race relationships. Which is equivalent to a robber, who stands up in court and explains the bewildered public that they need to earn their living and that stealing is immoral. Well, it’s all nice, but who the fuck are you to talk to us in this manner? Shouldn’t you clean up your act first? In the immortal words of Hippocrates, “heal yourself first, bitch”.

The speech was cleverly designed, and it clearly aimed to impress the people of lower intelligence. As one may have expected, Obama threw some white folks under the bus. What was not anticipated was that he would choose his own grandmother to sacrifice. According to Obama, she is a “typical white person” who is a racist and a bigot. I don’t exactly know why he did it – I suppose for one, he wanted to remind the white electors that he was also half white, so they should not take all the racist demagoguery from his pastor close to their hearts. Moreover, he obviously did not mind his grand-mother’s bigotry very seriously – which meant to say that racism is okay from all sides. In other words, Obama was ready to unite all racists and bigots in one big tent and then commandeer this crowd to bring the racial reconciliation to America. This is somewhat counter-intuitive to me, if you know what I mean. In the meantime, he also threw the blacks under the bus – according to Obama most blacks are racist, who hide their feelings from the white folks – but when they feel comfortable among their people – hell, they say really nasty things about those white devilish motherfuckers. Notice a pathetic parade of black “leaders” on television asserting exactly the same thing – yes, we are all like reverend Wright, he is one of us, we all talk like that, we all think like him. Well, if it is true (and I sure hope it is not), then how exactly are we supposed to get the racial reconciliation?! It takes two to tango, doesn’t it? Heck, how can any reasonable voter trust any black politician? He may say nice things to us in public, but as you know that when he is with other blacks, you can see him wearing his black robe and burning the cross (or should it a crescent?).

Of course, Obama did not intend us to make all these conclusions – but he was in a tight spot. Firstly, he could not completely disavow the Trinity Church Fuhrer because this would have raised even more questions on his authenticity. How can anyone trust him? For twenty years Obama is close buddies with bigots, Wright becomes his closest advisor, Obama regularly goes to his church – but when the shit hits the fan, Obama treats Wright as if he is radioactive. No doubt Obama looked at this perspective and decided to dance around the issue - but it’s not easy. In chess this situation is called “Zugzwang” – every move makes you weaker. In short, Obama was fucked from the start and no fancy talking could get him out of the hole.

One of Obama's excuse is that he could not really leave community of the church of holy anti-semitism. Those hate-mongers got him closer to Christ, and they helped the poor, and they were his dear friends, who held his hand when he needed. One can find an interesting angle on the situation by recalling the infamous “I have a scream” presidential candidate and the current (ass) head of the Democrat Party, Howard Dean. As you may remember, Howard left his church because he disagreed with its decision on the bike path. And just to drive the point even further, Howard is not a godless atheist – he is a self-professed biblical scholar, who takes religion very seriously. It would be very educational to watch his response when he is tracked by the ruthless journalists and asked about his view on Obambi’s enthusiastic participation in an anti-American cult. Is anti-American propaganda more damaging to a pastor than a refusal to build a bike path? Howard, tell us what you think…

In short, the response to his speech was not surprising. The usual suspects thought that his speech was courageous, inspiring, and a huge risk to his political career as well as a revolutionary expose on race in America. Reasonable people see that Obama carefully constructed a “cover your ass” speech, which had been designed solely to save his political career. Can someone tell me – if the speech was so courageous – who exactly did Obama risk to alienate with this speech? How would any liberal change the speech and make it less “courageous” and more politically beneficial to Obama? To ask these questions is to answer them. It’s all a game, nothing more. Obama is playing the public, playing the liberals, playing the media. I hope, only the last two are stupid enough to be caught in the game, and that the public is smart enough to know the truth. And the polls show that this is indeed the case. You can deceive liberals all the time, but it won’t work on the silent majority. After all, there is a good reason why America is the greatest country on Earth. If Americans were as stupid as some people think – it would not be so rich.

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