Sunday, March 2, 2008

Obama is really scary. I mean it.

Read the quotes from Ms. Obama. This is scary shit. She is saying that the federal government and specifically the president of the United States has to "fundamentally different kind of leadership," one that challenges people to be different, and better to one another. And that, she said to critics who say it is not his time, cannot wait." Obviously, she believes it is Obama who can take such a task on his shoulders - and he alone. Who does she think Obama is - Jesus? Is he a God, a prophet, a man of such moral values that he tops all the American people? Seriously, this is moral elitism and snobism unprecedented - or more precisely, this girl is stupidly arrogant and cannot hide it. Or, what is even more scary, she is saying exactly what the liberal idiots need to hear. Any self-respecting American should be very afraid of anyone who believes in his absolute moral superiority to be put in the position of awesome power over hundreds of millions of people. If you think Obama will be lecturing us to become better, you are very mistaken. The man will use government powers - the use or the threat of use of violence against those who are not good enough for him, let alone openly disagree with him. Is liberal fascism coming to America? It may well be so.

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