Monday, August 2, 2010

Whass up with Turkey?

I am sure that readers remember the Turkish humanitarian flotilla that was intercepted by the bloodthirsty Israeli commandos, who proceeded to murder 10 innocent civilians - just to watch them die, as Johny Cash sang. It was later revealed that innocent civilians were violent jihadists (are there non-violent jihadists in this world?), who screamed about murdering the Jews - and who attacked the Israeli commandos and tried to kill them. But this is an old tale - and we could forget about it - but unfortunately this story is quintessential to our understanding of what is happening in Turkey these days.

So, as the title asks - whass up with Turkey? Well, nothing good, really. Back in June 2010, I've written 3 stories about the flotilla and what it means for the relationship between West and Turkey. I've recently re-read my articles and discovered that they did not lose their importance - particularly in light of Iran's fast track to become a nuclear country. I believe the folks who dare to follow the links and read my articles articles can gain good insight into new developments in Turkey - but I promise it won't make you feel better about the future of the world.

The first article entitled "Inquiring minds demand to know - is Turkey cooked yet?" was published in June 4th, and it examined the growth of Islamism in Turkey. The second article went out on June 6th, and is a critical (yet very respectful) review of a letter written by the Turkish ambassador to US. The title of the article is "This will not stand, ya know, this aggression will not stand, man". The third and last article in a series is "Turkey's raid into Gaza - it has little to do with Israel", and as some readers may guess it explains why the flotilla was a poisonous fruit of internal Turkish infighting.

The only thing that surprised me was that even though all the facts that I used in the articles were taken from the open sources - there was no attempt on the part of the journalists to do a serious analysis connect the dots. It's as if the media is blind, deaf and numb - actually dumb, not numb. Or - maybe the media is not interested in providing basic facts to American citizens. What do you think?


Anonymous said...

The media does a very poor job asking basic questions. I have yet to see anyone asking how far down the New Horizon oil well was drilling below the earths surface. A very simple but important fact that could change the whole complexion of the story.

Anonymous said...

What's up with a traitor who traded mother Russia for Murricans and who so desperately wants to be accepted that he turns into the biggest batshit insane rightist?

Never happened before, no sir.

Hyphenated American said...


You flatter me. I did not choose to become a biggest batshit insane rightist for personal benefit - it is my natural state. In fact, I was a biggest batshit insane rightist before I left Russia - even before USSR broke down in 1991.

As for the traitor/trader part - your post reminded me of an old Jewish joke.

A Jew calls a well-known Russian anti-semitic organization "Pamyat'":
Jew (with a strong Jewish accent): Is it true that Jews sold out Mother Russia?
Antisemite: Yes, it's true, you kikes sold out Mother Russia.
Jew (with a strong Jewish accent): Where can I pick my share?

Anyway, comrade, it would be also advisable for you to include in your next comment the fact that I am Jew - it will make your posts more entertaining.

Kid said...

Media? Facts?

How much does the democrat media in America today resemble the Russian media when you were in Russia ?

Hyphenated American said...

Not that much - I left Russia in 1996, and back then it was pretty right-wing. Today is a different story though.