Monday, August 9, 2010

Michele Obama chose Spain. Who wouldn't?

As the whole world now knows, Michele Obama, two daughters, 40 of her bestest and closest friends, plethora of government funded security personnal and the entire entourage (pedicurists, cooks, flower girls, etc., etc) boarded the Air Force 2 and left for Spain. She will be staying in most lavish hotels that Spain could find, and the local police already cordoned the best beaches for her exclusive use.

While many in the media are outraged by Michele's trip, I must confess I have a lot of sympathy with our American princess. Michel left early, right before her husband's 49th birthday - and this could not be accidental. To tell you the truth, I cannot handle more than 2 minutes of listening to Obama bloviating on TV - and luckily I can simply turn off TV before my mind is short circuited by his bullshit. But poor unfortunate Michele cannot simply switch off Mr. I-Me-Mine - and I can imagine the hell she is put through every day of her life. Think of the children and their poor mother - forced to listen hour after hour after hour to this narcissistic boob readingfrom the teleprompter! And now, when president's popularity is dropping faster than the Enron stocks in 2001 - imagine the scenes during Barack's birthday. Today, his future looks bleaker than what Carter had to face in January 1981 - and unlike Carter, Barack likes to drink booze, and he is known to enjoy heavy drugs.

In all seriousness, would you want to go to a birthday party of a narcissistic has been (let alone host it) - and what's worse, a has been with a God complex? Well, neither does Michele - instead she left for Spain, and took the kids with her. She also evacuated 40 of her friends and relatives - clearly, to hide them from the wrath of the ex-Messiah.

So, my dear readers, don't speak poorly about Michele Obama - you would have done exactly same thing. In fact, it's the first time in my adult life that I am really proud of Michele. You go, girl!

One thought creeps into my mind though - is it remotely possible to evacuate the rest of the population of our country? Michele (see the photos below) showed us the way - lets start packing.

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The_Kid said...

What do you think about obama and a little Tiger Woods action.

Personally, I'd bet a decent sum of money on it being true.