Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Allow myself to introduce .. myself

A few weeks ago I was invited to mirror my posts on another blogsite – and an aspiring writer I was thrilled to share my work. My first 5 posts were clearly out of place for this mostly left-of-center blog – and my comments were received even worse than my posts. The reaction of the reading public ranged from strong disagreement to a rather bizarre claim that the Bible forbids listening to people like me. There was also a rather noticeable feeling of bewilderment in the air – I could sense that people were genuinely surprised that someone had a strong opinion which ran contrary to the left-wing point of view, and was not shy to share it. “Who is this literary hooligan?” – was the main leitmotif of my critics – if I were to use the famous term of the Soviet critics from the 1920ies. This compelled me to write a letter explaining myself - which I am reproducing in this post, while you can find the original here. I have an inkling that my readers will be entertained with what I wrote on the left-wing blog.


So, who am I? Well, if I have to be blunt, I guess I need to say that I am your worst nightmare – I am a guy from hell. I was born, raised and educated in the USSR – which makes me a very dangerous authority on the issues of Marxism, leftism and any other ism that pops into your mind. I don’t feel guilt, I am not afraid to disagree and I certainly do not intend to disarm, appease and play nice with the other side. Everything that the American left holds dear – makes me nauseous. Whatever American liberals hope this country will become in the far future – is the horrible past that I distinctly remember from my childhood. All stories about American past indiscretions make me giggle. If you think you can shame me into agreeing with you, or you can silence me with stories about slavery/discrimination/Jim Crow Laws - I can more than match this with stories of collectivization/mass arrests/starvation/slavery in the most-liberal USSR. The left-wing calls for America to be modest and shy away from teaching other nations - tell me that liberals are ignorant about the rest of the world. In short – for all that the left wants to tell me – I’ve got one answer – been there, seen it, and it damn sure did not work. And just in case you wonder – I am here to stay, so deal with it.

In short – as I said - I am your worst nightmare – I am a guy from hell, and I feel no guilt. Don’t touch me – and you won’t get bitten. If you advocate taking my money by government thugs – don’t be surprised if I give you no respect – and I will try to hurt your feelings. All the insults in my posts are intentional, all the nice things you read were inserted by someone else and I will remove them when alerted. If you are not upset after reading my posts – it means you missed what I said and you need to take a class of remedial reading (preferably with a teacher who understands Russian sarcasm).

Let’s play, comrades. Which one of you, geniuses, got the ball?


Opus #6 said...


Hyphenated American said...

Thanks a lot. I think so. I am ready to hear their whining.

Anonymous said...

Well played sir.

CanadianSense said...

You expect the left to have an honest or rational debate?

The left have sugar coated Disneyland images of socialism behind the Berlin Wall.

They would rather blame Western democracies and capitalism for all their problems.

Motoroftheworld said...

This is so funny, congrats on a very nice self description. I read the comments on the other blog and they were hilarious; poor babies. I'm originally from a communist country too and know what you mean. My deepest fear is that the extent of human nature and stupidity and the liberal ego are such that unless you live through hell you cannot fathom the atrocity of liberal-socialistic government-controlling policies--why not, totalitarian. I hope Obama, or better said, Obummer, shows his face enough that we'll get another chance at freedom come 2012.

Hyphenated American said...

Guys, thanks a lot for comments.

Motoroftheworld - I can see you are also a fan of Ayn Rand. Good choice.

Quite Rightly said...

Thanks. Many thanks.