Sunday, September 11, 2016

Hillary's health problems....

Apparently, Hillary Clinton got "overheated" in NYC although the temperature was below 80 degrees. Hillary had to be taken out of 911 memorial and as the police reported, "they threw her in like she was a side of beef". The video confirms their testimony. 

A few hours later, the media reported that her innocent cough was apparently due to pneumoniaand not allergy. And moreover, her schedule is probably changing in order to accommodate her health issues. 

Wait, health issues?! The most amazing thing was that all liberal "reporters" proclaimed for weeks that anyone questioning her health was a crazy evil misogynistic right-wingers  and any suspicion that Hillary's cough was not due to a simple allergy was an evil conspiracy. And now they repeat after Hillary's doctor - "it's just pneumonia, nothing else." Well, it's nothing else until the next week... 

So how come that evil conservatives so easily diagnosed that her cough was NOT caused by allergy - and all the smartest liberal doctors in the world could not? 

Or maybe, "We 've always been at war with Eastasia", and it was always "pneumonia", and everyone knew about it? 

This whole situation with Hillary Clinton reminds of an old Monty Python sketch. I wonder if Hillary wins the elections this November, and a few weeks later the American people feel as an unfortunate character, who found out he bought a dead parrot. 

Well, maybe it's not dead, maybe Hillary is only resting. What a beautiful plumage!

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