Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Next time a liberal tries to argue with you

A few weeks ago, Vox, a media outlet for liberal intellectuals published a rather amusing article, entitled "Next time someone tells you "all lives matter," show them this cartoon". The cartoon they assumed was the strongest argument in defense of clearly racist slogan "Black lives matter" is shown below:

Now, it is rather amusing that the liberal intellectuals choose cartoons as their strongest arguments - although not terribly surprising. 

Well, I personally prefer to use logical arguments, and appeal to logic and reason - instead of using silly pictures to prove my point, but given that the other side of the aisle is not intelligent enough, I decided to lower the complexity of my argument to their level. Shown below is a nice cartoon that encapsulates the stupidity of liberal ideology. The photo depicts the demonstration by the so-called "Occupy Wall Street", a hard-left movement - and its interaction (so to speak) with the police. The capture to the cartoon is quote amusing.

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