Tuesday, February 15, 2011

A few passing remarks...

JAY LENO: “Michelle Obama was expecting jewelry for Valentine’s Day but nothing extravagant. She says the president is very responsible when spending his own money.” (Via Andrew Malcolm on Facebook).

Lamestream Media
According to Kathleen Parker, we must judge the quality of a journalist by how many times he got hit in the head. Apparently, the more abused journalist produces better work. Moreover, according to Kathleen, journalists should be celebrated not because they seek the truth (and actually find it), but because they are good meaning people. Here is the appropriate passage:
There's something in the constitution of those who sign up for Journalism 101 that makes them want to be part of the action but also to do something of value. The bias so many recognize in the media is, among other things, a bias toward the underdog, whether that's an unwed mother or an oppressed people. That government thugs want to silence reporters in Egypt is understandable. The camera is focused on the powerless masses who want to unseat their pharaoh.
This surely explains why the lamestream media protected Obama and waged a war against Joe-the-Plumber - it's obvious that Obama is an unwed mother/underdog/powerless mass, while Joe is the pharaoh.

Last but not least, I love when a liberal feels superior - internet makes it easy to go back and mock her when reality gives a call. Kathleen feels rather boastful of the American journalists going to Egypt to report about the revolution. Compare Kathleen's appraisal of the Katie Couric and reality...
Watching Katie Couric being harassed and shoved by a crowd of angry men in Cairo was especially jarring. Our little Katie? Make no mistake Perky Katie is also brave Katie...
I'd wager that every reporter confined to a cubicle at this moment wishes he or she were there, even with a touch of quiet gratitude for being safe. It isn't only to be where the action is but also to bear witness to history and to the eternal human struggle to be free.

Well, Katie had enough history and enough human struggle, and obviously she is in no mood to stay there anymore. It's one thing to report about religion of peace - it's quite another to deal with it up close and personal. Katie Couric may be brave, but she would rather watch the Egyptian revolution from the NY cubicle. I assume it gives her some perspective - after all a few more days in Egypt, and perky Katie may lose all political correctness and multi-culturism. According to insidetv:
As violence against journalists in Egypt continues, Katie Couric and Brian Williams have left the country. Last night, Couric returned to New York City, while Williams reported live from Amman, Jordan. Anderson Cooper remains in Cairo, reporting from a dimly-lit, undisclosed location last night and admitting he was “a little bit scared”.

Liberal approach to education
University of Cincinnati  to drop computer science major:
The University of Cincinnati will stop accepting undergraduate majors in computer science starting in fall 2012. About 125 current students in the program will be able to complete their programs. The move by the College of Engineering and Applied Science is one step toward reducing the college's academic programs to 11 from the current 17, Dean Carlo Montemagno said. It's driven by impending budget cuts that could slice $4.9 million off this year's $24 million budget, he said.
For some reason, "Africana studies" and "Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies" are not affected. And that makes perfect sense. For example, students can still "specialize in Sexuality Studies or Transnational Feminisms. As part of the Transnational Feminisms specialization" - but they got no computer science. It should make you proud that in WGSS: "students have the option to study abroad in Canada or Mexico. The department explores the intersections of race, nationality, class, gender and sexuality.A commitment to social activism has been, is and always should be a dimension of a program based in large part on justice." And don't forget, that for Africana studies, "As we move into the next century, it will be extremely important for all of us, Black, white, Asian and others, to understand the interplay of forces that help to structure the existence of Black people." Surely, the rest of the world has moved to the new century 11 years ago, but who is counting - these guys are working on something really important, so don't expect them to update their calendar.

Last but not least (well, you cannot be less than Africana studies and Women's studies - it's impossible), there is the sociology department - and as the website says, students study "race and health care in the U.S., war and children's life chances around the world, urban inequality and segregation, and the politics of abortion and capital punishment."

I am sure we are glad that government funded University of Cincinnati chose to close computer science in order to fund liberal propaganda. Political interests Uber Alles.

Obama versus Carter
I am sure that my readers remember that in 1979, Iranian "students" led by the mullahs attacked the US embassy and seized 52 US citizens. Obama is trying his best to outdo comrade Carter - and finally he can boast that a US diplomat is held as prisoner by Pakistan. There is, of course, a rather stark difference between the two cases. After all, Iranian mullahs are/were sworn enemies of the United States, while Pakistan is officially a US ally, funded by the federal government to the tune of nearly 10 billion dollars lately. How many more US diplomats will be taken in the next 2 years?

The next big Obama's achievement in foreign policy will be the denunciation of the Camp David Peace Accords by the new Egyptian government. It's coming, and you know it...

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