Sunday, October 24, 2010

I am forced to interrupt the regular broadcasting to share sad news with my readers

With great personal pain I announce that on Saturday, October 23, 2010, former president of the United States, Jimmy  Carter went completely bonkers. During his interview with Deseret News, he declared without a trace of irony that during his administration, US “had almost complete harmony with every nation on Earth.” Carter administration spanned the years 1977-1981, the climax of the Cold War, when Soviet Union was at the peak of its power. Some readers may not remember that in 1979 USSR invaded Afghanistan and Jimmy Carter confessed that his opinion of the Soviet Empire drastically changed because of this naked act of aggression (this statement undoubtedly made people wonder what this imbecile thought about the USSR prior to the Afghan war). Of course, the harmony of the Soviet-US relationship hardly worsened because of the Afghan war, and the fact that Carter decided to boycott the 1980 Olympic Games in Moscow – after all, it’s was a small quarrel between close friends – that’s at least the impression one would get from what Jimmy tells the newspapers today.

At the same time, the US-Iranian relationship were also blossoming. In 1979, Iranian students stormed the US embassy and in utter humiliation to Jimmy Carter, held 52 Americans as hostages for 444 days. During the rescue operation, three Marines and five Air Force crew members were killed. I have a feeling that the hostages and the families of the dead soldiers would gladly agree with Carter that US “had almost complete harmony with every nation of Earth” - particularly with Iran. In fact, they may even find Carter’s remarks deeply gratifying on many levels.

Of course, we cannot ignore multiple bloody conflicts in Africa, terrorism in the Middle East and communist warfare in the South America – which only added unforgettable flavor to the world harmony. In short, the world was a pretty dangerous and violent place during Carter’s administration, and US spent whole lot of money building nuclear bombs as well as numerous other instruments for industrial-scale killing of human beings. In short, ”US had almost complete harmony with every nation on Earth”. If this looked like harmony to Carter, than he is nuttier than the peanuts he was growing as a farmer.

Not satisfied with sharing his rather unconventional opinion on foreign policy, Carter decided to brag a little bit about the multiple successes of his economic policy. Our former president talked creating jobs during his term  (don't forget the infamous misery index), promoting human rights (people in the USSR could attest to how much he succeeded), and his success in tackling  the energy policy (gasoline rationing comes to mind). He was particularly proud that he gave away the Panama Canal (designed, built and paid for by American people) to Panamanian kleptocrats.

There is only man on this planet that can make Jimmy Carter seem like a relatively competent leader - and the name of this unique man is "Barack Hussein Obama". I wonder who will be our next Ronald Reagan.


graf10a said...

You meant "stormed the US embassy", not "the US government". The latter would be too much even for our old pal Jimmy. :-)

Gorges Smythe said...

I USED to have a bit a respect for Carter, but he even bites his own hand.

Austin said...

Carter is the bomb. Although clearly, he's a bit confused lulz

Jimmy Z said...

You had me going. I thought someone had passed away and I was going to have to offer my condolences. Now all I have to do laugh my ass off. lolol

The_Kid said...

I've known for years that the Dems are pathological liars.

I've known for years that they are balls to the wall - do anything - say anything to credit themselves.

But this is inter-dimensional. This confounds description. This should be against the law as a felony. Felony mis-representation of reality. Seriously.

If only that could be a law.

The_Kid said...
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Quite Rightly said...

Carter's felonious misrepresentation of reality (thanks Kid!) must be due to some kind of highly contagious virus to which Democrats are especially susceptible.