Thursday, September 2, 2010

A few words about the Ground Zero Mosque

We've been hearing a lot lately about the Ground Zero Mosque. According to liberals, its organizer, Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf is a moderate moslem, a man of peace. Jeffrey Goldberg, for example, claims that Feisal is the most dangerous enemy of Osama ben Laden - which is a surprising statement if one considers that Feisal travels around the world and visits moslem countries easily and with no apparent fear of Islamists. On the other side, everyone knows at least a few folks that need 24/7 protection in the middle of Europe from Osama ben Laden and his band of merry terrorists - for example Danish cartoonists were personally threatened by Osama - as well as the newspapers that dared to publish the cartoons and the governments that did not prosecute the newspapers. I am not even talking about Ayaan Hirsi Ali, a woman who was expelled from her Dutch apartment by a judge because he decided her presence was endangering the neighbors. It remains to be seen if the people who live close to the Ground Zero Mosque can actually force it to be moved because according to Goldberg, this mosque is a very likely target of terrorist attack by Osama ben Laden. Of course, it would be unwise to hold the breath waiting for this decision, because there is no one on this planet (including Goldberg himself) who believes that Osama ben Laden is against Feisal's plan to build a victory mosque on the Ground Zero.

But apart from the obvious, there are more interesting things to discuss. It's been widely reported that Feisal is quite critical of American policy - he even went as far as claim that America killed more moslems than Al Qaeda killed non-moslems. And same Feisal said that 9/11 was American fault. But the funniest thing happened when this outspoken moderate moslem was asked about Hamas (same Hamas that publicly approved of Feisal's idea to build the mosque on the Ground Zero). Ah, that question was inconvenient for the moderate Feisal, and he flatly refused to concede that Hamas was a terrorist organization. It's one thing to blame America for 9/11 and say that US is worse than Al Qaeda - it's a very different issue altogether to condemn Hamas. Feisal is indeed very moderate when it comes to discussing Hamas, i.e. moderate in his response to Hamas' crimes. Here is what he said when he was pressed about Hamas:

Aaron Klein: Do you believe that the state department is correct in designating Hamas as a terrorist organization?

Imam Rauf: Um, well, I mean. Look, I am not a politician. I try to avoid the issues of. The issue of terrorism is a very complex question. There was an attempt in the 90’s to have the UN define what terrorism and say who is a terrorist. There was no ability to find agreement on that… and I am a bridge builder.

Aaron Klein: But I am asking, is Hamas a terrorist organization?

Imam Rauf: Aaron, Aaron, my work, my work, I’ve defined my work as a bridge builder. I do not want to be placed, neither will I accept to be placed, in a position of being put in a position where I am the target of one side or another.

Let me summarize - blaming America for 9/11? The bridge building Feisal is ready 100%. Say anything negative about terrorist group Hamas? Nope, that's too controversial for him. Maybe Feisal is good at building bridges between his mosque and Hamas - but he is surely not building any bridges between "moderate Islam" that he represents and American people.

And just so that the readers had some understanding of who Feisal is covering for - here one bit of information. On August 31st, Hamas terrorists slaughtered 5 Jews - Avishai Shendler, 24; Kochava Even-Haim, 37; Talya Imes, 45; her husband Yitzhak Imes, 47; and their unborn baby. Their photos are shown below.

Here is another photo - the mother and the father in this photo are dead - killed by Hamas and the children in the photo are orphans now.

Make no mistake about it - these Jews were murdered solely because they were Jews. And Hamas, the organization that Feisal the "moderate moslem" is unwilling to condemn, gleefully claimed responsibility for this murder. Indeed, Feisal's brothers in arms called it "heroic operation".

Anyone who has not shame and no decency can continue claiming that Feisal is a moderate, peaceful moslem - go on, show your face, the country has to know its scoundrels. I am sure there is a special place in hell reserved for those that enable Islamic terrorism - and it is waiting for you.


trencherbone said...

"Unlike churches, mosques are not places of spirituality, peace and sanctuary. They are quasi-military citadels and centres of subversion, intimidation and aggression...

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Wonderful post!

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Great post, American.

I especially appreciate that you published the photos of the people who were slain.

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