Saturday, July 4, 2009

As a Russian immigrant, I can only sigh...

I am looking at what is happening in America, and I have a deep feeling of sorrow. Where is this country going? Is the American experiment over? Is this beautiful country joining the rest of the world in its futile quest for human perfection through Nanny-statism and inevitable fascism? America is turning into the evil Empire - literally, not figuratively. American president bowing before the Saudi tyrant, befriending the marxist dictator in Venesuela, while denigrating Britain, Israel and supporting the marxist take over of Honduras? What the fuck?! And this same child-king is taking over American industries, attacking the productive members of society and is ready close opposition media, and increase government corruption ten-fold. And his cohorts marching around with the photos of the Cuban chief of Gestapo, Che Guevara.

These will be long 4 years, comrades, long 4 years for all who love freedom. But fear not, I remember same emotions expressed by the Russian dissidents in the 1970ies during the Carter administration. The same feeling that everything was over for this beautiful country that saved the world from communism.

And all my immigrant brothers and sisters - lets remember one thing. America is the last refuge! There is nowhere to run. There is nowhere to hide. If we don't defend freedom in America, the entire mankind is doomed. Lets organize and fight back. 2010 elections will determine if this country lives or dies. Blood, sweat and tears.

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