Saturday, June 14, 2008

What we should do about the gas prices...

I've been listening to Hannity's radio show, and Sean is promoting a petition that would demand Congress to allow drilling in America (you can sign the petition here). Personally, I think this is not enough. I believe conservative radio talk show hosts, conservative writers, bloggers and all people of good will should organize a nation-wide 2-day demonstration in front of the gas stations (this could be done on the weekend) with conservatives showing signs like "Gas is so expensive because liberals don't want to drill in America" or "Republicans want to lower your gas prices - Liberals want to raise them to save caribous in Alaska".

If we could have many gas stations covered in one blitz attack - we could get quite a reaction from the citizens. Either American people will force liberals to let the oil industry to drill, or they will decide to vote for republicans in November. Americans are pretty pissed off today, GOP should use it. Of course, there is little hope that the GOP leadership can do anything, so it's up to citizen activists to do so. In reality, it should not be too difficult to organize. It could also be a good idea to link with truck drivers, farmers and others, and organize some acts of civil disobedience, road blocks in front of Capitol and the like. It could be a huge event, and it would shook the country.

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