Tuesday, April 22, 2008

One of the reasons why rich kids tend to be liberal

Quite recently we started looking for a school for our elder kid. After some hesitation, we dismissed the government schools - since we knew that they were horrible. The only decent option was to go to private schools. Now, I hope you understand that we are not super rich, and it's not easy for us to afford a private school. Moreover, both of us, my wife and I are non-religious Jews, which meant christian schools were out of question. One school that caught our attention was a secular private school, pretty expensive, excellent SAT scores, good statistics for university admissions. One thing among others caught my attention. During the interview we asked the school bureaucrat about the kids who go to that school, and whether the private school prepares them to live in a real world, not in a gated community. The answer was quite amazing - we were told that the teachers understand our concerns, and that they do everything possible to let the kids understand the world and the community. One of the things they do is to send kids regularly to work in the kitchens for the poor folks.

Now, think about it. Say, you are from a very rich family. You are surrounded by rich kids in the kindergarten, school, university. Your neighbors are rich. The only people you see who are out of your circle are the bums, drug addicts and the like. I wonder if this is what pushes rich kids to become liberal and elitist. That - and uber-liberal propaganda in schools and universities.

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