Sunday, November 2, 2008

Should patriotic Americans support the Obama's presidency?

Well, one thing that makes me feel better [about democratic lead in the polls] is that Obama seems to be gaining ground, and may well be our next mumbler and stumbler in Chief, while the libs will continue their control of Congress.

Some political party will pay dearly for all the crazy spending, bankrupt SS, Medicare, Medicaid. Someone will have to make hard decisions on the war with Islamo-fascism. Someone will have to deal with failing Europe, resurgent Russia, belligerent and powerful China, insane global warming scares.

If all of that falls on the narrow shoulders of Obama, Pelosi, Reid - and they fail (and fail they will) - the DNC will have to pay a dear price. Can Obama be better for the GOP and America than Jimmy Carter was? I most surely think so.

So 4 years from now, when unemployment is 10-12%, inflation is 10%, GDP is down, stocks are down, our economic freedom is gone, I can look at liberals and tell them: "You folks were kind of stupid in 2008, weren't you? Now, drop on your knees and beg for forgiveness". Isn't it totally worth it? I say yes...

In short, the chickens are coming home to roost - and the liberals may be the ones organizing the welcome party for them. Libs did not want to reform the Social Security under Bush - heck, they will have to deal with it under Obama. Libs thought we could easily win the war by talking to our enemies - smile, Obama will have 4 years to cool down Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan and the rest by talking to them. Libs did not want to cut welfare spending - they got Obama who will expand it. Taxes are too low for companies? Obama will raise them. You think our economy can sustain the liberal Congress, liberal president and the coming recession? Think again.

Bush is doing his best to avoid the recession under his watch. He is pumping the market with paper, so he could postpone the inevitable. And stupid democrats are playing along. Whoever is elected will have to deal with a crisis of Gargantuan proportions, and Obama is the best guy to screw it up – since I don’t want a republican to do it. In short, good freaking luck to liberals and what the liberals lovingly called "A Magic Nergo".

And yes, don't let me forget - Europe is, not feeling too good. Something to do with sclerotic liberal economy and "youths". It will get worse soon. Don't be surprised -liberal policies are quite advanced in Europe - like the advanced stage of cancer. I believe the Europeans should run for their life...

All in all, I expect Obama presidency to be an utter failure, and I do expect the Republican party to cleanse itself by 2012 and take over Congress and Presidency. No more pussy-footing this time. And I hope the MSM will be completely ruined – if Obama-Messiah fails. After all, everyone knows the MSM is promoting Obama. Many people can live with it because they believe Obama could be a good president. And yet, when he proves to be a horrible one - who would the people blame? Do you believe they would blame themselves for voting this socialist into office? No, they will blame the media for tricking them. And there goes the MSM...

It’s a win-win-win situation. Glory, Glory, Alliluiah!

Granted, Obama presidency will be a major defeat for liberty in the short run. I expect him to drastically increase taxes and government regulations. I know he will try to silence all the alternative media. Election campaigns will be filled with fraud and, what is euphemistically called in Russia “the administrative factor”. War against Islamo-fascism will be forgotten, while US allies will be thrown overboard. Liberal media will get considerable government bailouts. And yet, and yet, this country will get a glimpse of where liberalism leads us, and I believe America will recoil when it sees the abyss, and wake up from its sleepwalk to socialism.

And lets not forget the danger of comrade McLame, if he wins, becoming a Hoover to Obama the FDR. We cannot have that, if we love this country. I hope we should get Obama now, and elect a true conservative republican in 2012 – which would be similar to electing FDR in 1929 and getting a true republican in 1933, at the peak of recession.

Will it work out this way? I don’t know. And granted, I would love to see Obama lose on Tuesday – just so I could see the faces of his supporters in the MSM. So, just to make sure you understand me, if Obambi falls on Tuesday, I will have fire works in my drive way. But a more sober analysis calls for Obama presidency. That's what I think...

In short, lets hope the best man for this country wins.

Full Disclosure: This article was edited for style (and only for style) in 2009. The predictions were not changed.


The Ranch said...

I saw your link in the PJM article today about racism... your predictions are pretty accurate so far.

Scott in Oklahoma

Anonymous said...

Spot on, hyphen man. I had the same inklings myself (of course, there is no proof). I'm still upset that we picked that phony MacAmnesty to be the standard bearer for our party. And the crazy part, up till the Goldman Sachs Hank Paulson meltdown, he was even with Dr. Utopia!

We do need a principled man to run this time. A true constitution conservative.

Hyphenated American said...

Dear Anonymous,

You are correct, the dandidacy of Mr.MacLame was a disgrace. I remember during the debates he was for bailing out the banks and the house-owners, essentially making his indistinguishable from Obama...

Molyuk said...

Obama is this generation's Carter, no doubt - but who is its Reagan? I fear there may not be one.

The parallels between Obama & Carter point to an uncomfortable truth: some battles have to be fought repeatedly. You'd think the libs would have learned something from the failures of Carter and the collapse of the Soviet Union. I suppose they did, for a while. Now we have to live through the 70's all over again. Perhaps the inevitable failure of Obama and the EU will make the lesson stick this time. I'm not holding my breath.

Anonymous said...

Hey Hyphen,

I share your opinion of McShamnesty, and have for nearly fifteen years--ever since, in the Clinton years, the guy began trotting out to the microphone to denounce the Reaganites in his party.

Reagan loved John McCain. He would be so ashamed of what the man became later in life.

I do not think Sarah Palin is up to the challenge here. I DO think she has one crucial item in common with Reagan: the libs are absolutely certain she can't win.

But Reagan's temperament was sent from God himself. He never rose to the criticism. He never took the bait. And he always had an aw-shucks smile and a witticism for media questioners hoping for anger or bitterness.

That's where Sarah will fall short. She's just not the happy warrior, and God knows we need one. We need the leader with indefatigable optimism in the face of nearly certain doom, because that is what our nation is facing now.

Where is the true-blue conservative with that quality--the love affair with America and her people that no amount of lemon-sucking journalistic criticism can dampen?

I hope we find that man, or woman, soon.

IHeartDagny said...

Wow! This is really speaking to me! I have had these same feelings about BHO, not articulated so well, though. While I've been scared to death that he would somehow stop elections ever from happening again, I saw the great results of NJ and VA elections. Not enough time there for BHO to stop those elections was there? What about 2010? What crisis do you think he will have created in order to stop them? If that is just pessimism and even he doesn't have that power, then I think that BHO's election was the best thing to have happened to this country as Hyphenated American has said. The "Sleeping Giant" is awakening and maybe, just maybe, some of the horrible liberal policies that have been implemented and are dragging down this economy and country as a whole can be reversed. Then, hopefully, our potential as the greatest country in the world will again continue to be realized. We are just faltering in a morass of liberal evil and jealousy right now.

Miriam said...

Spot on. Yes you did trump VDH, as much as I like him. Kudos (partially unhappily). I was one of the usually savvy people who thought O was going to govern from the center-left. Boy, was I wrong.

Anonymous said...

Wow! Talk about prescient. I would love to know your views on Palin. Is she the next Reagan, or will "they" destroy her?

Personally, I see parallels to RWR in the way she is positioning herself. Or perhaps it's only wishful thinking.

Anonymous said...

The question was asked: Did the liberals learn anything from the Carter Administration and the collapse of the Soviet Union? The answer is: No. The liberals who did have died off. The ones who did are converts to conservatism. The youth, who replaced the ones who have died off, are still too ignorant of history. That is the inherent problem with democracy. The antidote is more education, sooner, so the young learn before it's too late. Now you know.

Anonymous said...

Only one thing left, the media bailouts. I too have been predicting them.

Kid said...

Yes Sir, spot on. November will tell us much.

You might enjoy reading this guy, who also has a solid track record for prognostication. This was written in 2005.

Stop in at the first link as it is the most reliable way to get to his stuff day to day and click on See what Todd has Written.

Much of it is day to day market expose, delivered short and sweet with a little humor. And there is often a road map mixed in which has an excellent track record the 4 years I've been reading Minyanville.

If you have a TDAmeritrade account, you can read the daily Buzz and Banter for free. Tons of good information written by the best out there today.

Anonymous said...

I'm going to use this as part of a new feature on my blog, this Thursday